Our Story

What is our purpose

Fusemachines is built upon the idea that knowledge and opportunity should be accessible to anyone who aspires to use AI systems to address real-world situations. This is why we place human capital and diversity at the core of our mission and model. We train tech/software graduates to become AI engineers around the world. We build/provide advanced AI products for Sales teams in every vertical.

We are focused on putting AI in everyone’s hands. That’s what makes us a pioneer in building the AI solutions of tomorrow.

We believe that the most relevant solutions are often the result of combining talents of all kinds. We are building a community based on equality of gender, race, socioeconomic status, and education level.

  • Gender Diversity

    At Fusemachines, an individual's merit has worth beyond that of their gender. We combat the traditional male dominated employee makeup in the tech field by hiring based on intellect and work ethic. This has resulted in a progressive, innovative, and productive environment that is behind everything we do.

  • Gender Equality in Fusemachines
  • Race Diversity

    Diversity is represented in many forms at Fusemachines. Our team embodies the integration of many nationalities, races, cultures, and ethnicities. Through this intersectionality, we witness a unique blend of perspective and mindset that makes us who we are.

  • Race Equality in Fusemachines
  • Socioeconomic Status

    Our international capacity as a company reveals to us the struggles many of our employees face due to their socioeconomic and locational realities. We are working on building a hostel in Kathmandu to decrease transportation costs of those living outside the city. Additionally we committed to providing three months of rent to our employees whose houses were destroyed after the 2015 earthquake. Fusemachines believes in the connection between personal well being and professional success.

  • Socioeconomic Status in Fusemachines
  • Education

    We see access to education as paramount to our mission to democratize AI. Fusemachines leads fellowship programs that provide AI education to engineers in Nepal and the Dominican Republic. By training young engineers from developing countries in AI, we aim to develop their knowledge and empower them to build solutions to real world problems.

  •  AI fellowship programs at Fusemachines

Our Culture & People

Our diversity comes from our global identity: our teams operate across cultures, continents, and timezones.

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Social Responsibility

Fusemachines social impact in the world and in the AI landscape is democratizing AI by improving human lives and augmenting workflows with advanced AI products and expert engineers. The launch of our AI Fellowship initiative in Nepal had over four hundred applications in less than one month. We believe that if we are able to transpose this kind of knowledge to a developing country like Nepal, training and empowering local engineers, then we are truly able to democratize education in AI.

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