Forecasting Engine

Introducing Forecast AI EngineTM

Advanced AI for Demand & Inventory Forecasting

Automate Demand & Inventory Forcasting with high precision

Forecasat AI Engine Page
Forecasat AI Engine Page

Predictive AI Engine for Demand & Inventory Forecasting

We leverage cutting edge Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques to build highly accurate Demand & Inventory Forecasting Predictions and Insights.

Automated Feature Engineering

Forecast AI Engine automates and streamlines the exploration and transformation of original features, deriving new features to better capture patterns or relationships in the data, building better forecasting models.

Forecasting Demand and Inventory

Customization and Fine-Tuning

Forecast AI Engine optimizes stock levels by predicting future demand and inventory, considering SKU, location, time, and other factors. It adapts to industry specifics through retraining with relevant data and context adjustments.


Auto Pattern Recognition and Seasonality

Forecast AI Engine automates the identification of patterns and seasonality in data to improve the accuracy of predictions for demand and inventory forecasting. This involves leveraging state-of-the-arts algorithms and techniques to automatically recognize recurring trends and seasonal variations in the data.

Auto Pattern Recognition

Automated Re-Training & Model Renewal

Automated re-training enables the model to dynamically adjust to factors influencing demand, capturing emerging patterns and trends. This process ensures the model remains updated and consistently accurate, providing a future-proofing mechanism for forecasting results.

Automated Re-Training

Why companies choose the Forecast AI Engine?

Keep your data safe

Keep your data safe with on-prem deployment

  • Our Forecase AI engine is deployed to your on prem cloud of choice.
  • *Does Support Region Specific Deployment
Business productivity optimization

Precision for Business Productivity Optimization

Highly accurate long term and short demand forecasting and inventory for overall improving business productivity and profitability.

Demand prediction

Accurate Demand Prediction for Seamless Inventory Alignment

Improve operational efficiency and reduce stockouts by predicting more accurate demand and inventory to align with the business needs.


Hassle free pricing

Unlimited documents and API usage for a flat fee.

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