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A 10+ year old AI company offering cutting-edge AI products and solutions across industries.

With over a decade of experience, we help companies in their AI Transformation journey with our suite of AI Products and AI Solutions supported by our global AI Talent from underserved communities.

On a mission to #DemocratizeAI, we aim to bridge the gap between AI advancement and global impact, bringing the most advanced technology solutions to the world.


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About our Leadership

Sameer Maskey

Sameer Maskey, PhD

Founder and CEO

Dr. Sameer Maskey is a computer scientist, educator, and entrepreneur. He currently serves as the Founder and CEO of Fusemachines Inc, an AI company that provides AI products and solutions for various industries. He also teaches AI to the next generation of researchers and leaders at Columbia University as an Adjunct Associate Professor. Prior to founding Fusemachines in 2013, Dr. Maskey led pioneering AI research in Natural Language and Speech processing at the IBM Watson Research Center.

Originating from Kathmandu, Nepal, his educational journey took him to Bates College in the USA, where he obtained degrees in Math and Physics culminating with PhD in Computer Science in AI/ML from Columbia University. A prolific researcher, Dr. Maskey has authored over 20 papers published in international conferences and journals, accompanied by 10+ pending/granted patents.

Dr. Maskey is deeply committed to democratizing AI not only by delivering AI Solutions but also by fostering AI education and AI job opportunities, making this transformative technology accessible to underserved communities globally.

Leadership Team

Sameer Maskey, PhD

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Founder and CEO

Anish Joshi

Country flag

Head of Technology

Parag Shrestha

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Head of Strategy

Levent Kutoglu

Country flag

VP, Finance

Kathleen Wolf-Leger

Country flag

VP, Operations

Robert Traghetto

Country flag

VP, AI Solutions

Nate V. Rackiewicz

Country flag

Head of Data and Analytics, North America

Carol Bunevich

Country flag

VP, Partnerships

Vicente Manuel Rustarazo Hervás

Country flag

VP, Data Engineering

Giovanni Lemus

Country flag

VP, Product

Raman Parthasarathy

Country flag

VP & Business Unit Head Retail & CPG

Anuj Sood

Country flag

VP & Business Unit Head Healthcare, Life Sciences, Insurance

Krishh Reddy

Country flag

VP & Business Unit Head Communications, Media & Technology

Taylor Allen

Country flag

Sr. Director, People

Triguna Basnet

Country flag

Sr. Director, Finance

Joey Morel

Country flag

Sr. Director, Operations-LATAM

Rakesh Katuwal, PhD

Country flag

Director, AI Services

Punit Shrestha

Country flag

Director, Tech Services

Anjali Nair

Country flag

Director, Talent Acquisition

Chirag Bhandarkar

Country flag

Head of Pre-Sales

Suman Maharjan

Country flag

Director, Operation and Administration

Umar Malik

Country flag

Director, Sales Ops

Shaurya Joshi, PhD

Country flag

Director, Technology Delivery

Our Global Footprint
AI Fellowship

Whitepaper: A blueprint for AI education in rural and underserved America

AI holds the key to transform how we live and conduct business. Unfortunately, today, AI-powered opportunities remain centered in America’s urban areas.

This whitepaper details:

  • How AI education can help bridge the technology’s evident accessibility gap in the country’s rural and underserved communities
  • The steps needed to effectively deploy AI training in these markets
  • The key stakeholders integral to the training process
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