Fraud Detection

Fraud Detection AI EngineTM

Predictive AI Engine for Fraud Detection

Accelerate how you identify emerging fraud patterns and investigate them with AI

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Xtract AI Engine Page

Predictive AI Engine for Identifying Fraud Patterns & Anomalies

We use advanced Machine learning algorithms to detect suspicious activities and transactions, identify emerging patterns, and provide critical insights to accelerate investigations

Anomaly Detection & Threat Scoring

The Fraud Detection Engine can automatically identify anomalous activities or transactions and score them by threat potential and confidence using Advanced ML.


Custom Trained Model

The Fusemachines Fraud Detection Engine can be fine-tuned or retrained for your specific industry and problem. You can use many of the pre-built and pre-trained algorithms and libraries to build custom models with high accuracy.

Analyzing data

Intelligent Pattern Recognition

Utilizing sophisticated deep learning techniques, our Fraud Engine detects established and emerging anomalous patterns, enabling proactive measures to mitigate potential fraud or other concerning trends

Intelligent Pattern Recognition

Simplified Workflow and Analytics

The Fusemachines Fraud Detection comes with simplified workflow tools and analytics to get understand patterns over time, assess risk, and investigate concerning anomalies rapidly.

Workflow and Analytics

Why companies choose the Fusemachines Fraud Detection AI Engine?

Fraud detection safety

Keep your data safe with on-prem deployment

  • Fraud detection is deployed to your on prem cloud of choice.
  • *Does Support Region Specific Deployment
Fraud detection tools

Seamless Integration with your BI tool of choice

Seamlessly integrate your favorite BI tool for enhanced data analysis, unlocking a unified analytics experience.

Fraud detection learning

Adaptive Learning

Our Advanced ML models can be retrained at any time to adapt to fast changing patterns in your data.

Fraud detection accuracy

Better Accuracy. Better Performance

Customized for your data and business fraud nuances, our AI Engine excels beyond generic competitors' solutions.

Seamlessly Integrates with the tools you already use

Our Fraud Detection AI Engine works with any tools you're using, adapting effortlessly to your setup.

Integrats with tools
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