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Introducing Answer GenTM

A GenAI based Answer Generation Engine from Documents

Finding answers, context and information from large structured and unstructured data

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What is GenAI for Answer Generation from Documents?

We use advanced LLMs and RAG techniques to generate reliable, context-rich answers and summaries from questions written in natural language.

How does GenAI generate answers from documents?

The RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) system for unstructured documents utilizes VectorDB, Embeddings, and LLM to offer advanced capabilities in understanding and generating answers. The Answer Gen AI Engine can comprehend complex documents and generate relevant responses.

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Industry Specific LLM's

Fusemachines' Answer Gen AI Engine is fine-tuned to cater to industry-specific contexts. It is adaptable and can undergo retraining and fine-tuning to align with the unique requirements of your specific industry, context, and domain.


Hallucination Reduction

Hallucination reduction techniques and guardrails are used to ensure that answers are free of hallucinations, ensuring high-quality responses.

Hallucination Reduction

Enterprise Safety and Security

Your data stays within your infrastructure, and robust access controls are in place to instill confidence in the safety and security of high-quality data.

Safety and Security

Why companies choose Fusemachines Answer Gen?


Minimal technical expertise required

Deploy effortlessly without the need for technical expertise, making implementation smooth and accessible for everyone.


Faster time to deployment

Accelerate deployment timelines for quicker implementation and faster integration into your workflow.


Hassle free pricing

Unlimited documents and API usage for a flat fee.

data safe

Keep your data safe with on-prem deployment

  • Our Answer Gen is deployed to your on prem cloud of choice.
  • *Does Support Region Specific Deployment
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