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AI Education

AI Education Program

Shape Your Future with Fuse AI

Fusemachines AI Fellowship

A comprehensive six-month course to help you in advancing your career to the next level.

About AI Fellowship program

The Fusemachines AI Fellowship is a dynamic 6 month course, held mostly online, designed by leading global AI and tech experts. The course is created to upskill AI professionals, provide hands-on experiences and real-world AI applications.

The program is updated yearly to offer the most advanced tools that reflect the needs of the growing market. This year, fellows are not only offered a full scholarship and a Microdegree™, but also career opportunities at top tech companies around the world.

AI Fellowship
  • Full scholarship
  • Job placement opportunities
  • Microdegree™ in AI certification

Certified Fusemachines AI Fellows in USA, Nepal, Dominican Republic, Rwanda, Brukino Faso

Post-fellowship outcomes

AI Fellowship

Whitepaper: A blueprint for AI education in rural and underserved America

AI holds the key to transform how we live and conduct business. Unfortunately, today, AI-powered opportunities remain centered in America’s urban areas.

This whitepaper details:

  1. How AI education can help bridge the technology’s evident accessibility gap in the country’s rural and underserved communities.
  2. The steps needed to effectively deploy AI training in these markets.
  3. The key stakeholders integral to the training process.
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