AI Products

AI StudioTM

One platform for all AI Engines

Fusemachines AI StudioTM empowers the enterprise with tailored AI Engines and seamless integration with the tools you use the most, rapidly accelerating time to value.

AI Studio Demo
Use case and industry specific AI engines driving faster AI development and business value

GenAI EnginesTM

Xtract AI EngineTM

The future of Generative AI for Information Extraction

Answer GenTM

A GenAI based Answer Generation Engine from Documents

Predictive AI EnginesTM

Fraud Detection AI EngineTM

Accelerate how you identify emerging fraud patterns and investigate them with AI

Forecast AI EngineTM

Advanced AI for Demand & Inventory Forecasting

Seamless AI Experience

Advancing Enterprise AI while ensuring accessibility, effortless model deployment, flexible implementation, and scalability for a seamlessly unified AI experience.

Advancing Enterprise AI and Ensuring Accessibility

Experience AI for everyone with our user-friendly AI Engine Studio. Speed up decisions, save costs, and foster innovation effortlessly, gaining a competitive edge.

Designed for business teams

Explore the power of AI with Confidence

Experience advance demo

Effortless Model Deployment

The AI Engine Studio empowers our success teams to eliminate the stress of having your team manually deploy and monitoring LLM's and ML models in production. This provides business teams with a rapid path to value from AI.

Rapid LLM and ML Model Deployment

Decreases time to value

Experience effortless demo

Flexible Deployment and Scalability

AI software tailored to meet specific needs, leveraging AI algorithms and machine learning for optimized task performance in a specific context or organization.

Cloud, Multi Cloud or On Prem Deployment.

Region Specific Deployment Supported

Provides Scalability with the power of Kubernetes

Experience flexible demo
Building a secure, integrated intelligence foundation across your cloud and hybrid environments
Data Platforms

Maximize the return on your existing investments in cloud data lakes and warehouses. The relationship between your AI processes, data, and infrastructure is made simpler by comprehensive integrations and seamless data connections, which also guarantee compliance with your governance requirements.

Data platform
Generative AI

Use API integrations to give your GenAI efforts flexibility and self-governing tools. Manage the choice of LLM, data security, and budget while maintaining vendor freedom. With Streamlit, you can easily prototype bespoke apps or seamlessly integrate generative AI into existing systems.

Generative AI
APIs and Services

Integrate data sources, make use of different LLMs, and incorporate generative and predictive AI applications into business processes all with easeā€”all without having to rewrite, repackage, or combine current AI assets. This simplified method minimizes the complexity of coding and restructuring while guaranteeing a smooth integration of AI solutions.

APIs and Services
BI Tools Integrations

BI tools integrate with data warehouses, databases, ERP and CRM systems, cloud storage, APIs, Excel, and collaboration tools. These connections enhance analytics, supporting informed decision-making across diverse data sources.

BI Tools Integrations
Seamless Deployment

Customize the deployment of AI Studio to suit your specific requirements, whether it's on your premises, in a private cloud, or on a dedicated managed cloud. Tailor the AI Studio configuration to align with your unique needs and system specifications.

Seamless Deployment
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