Meeting the needs of
AI talent shortage

Why AI as a Service

Based on your business needs, our highly skilled data engineers will help you build infrastructure and uncover new opportunities to scale and grow your business.
Big Data Processing

Using Big Data effectively requires every business to have the right infrastructure in place and the engineering talent with the proper skills and training.

However those come at a high price and are not available to everyone. Our goal is to enable all businesses to benefit from the best talent at a reasonable cost.


That’s how much the demand for Data Engineers is projected to grow by 2020.


With experience in Big Data Processing, Data Management, and Cloud Analytics, our engineers are able to provide customized solutions that will help your business thrive.
  • Big data Processing

    Big Data Processing (flat, structured, unstructured)

  • SQL

    Proficiency with SQL, NoSQL, indexed databases

  • Databricks Certified Spark Engineers

    Databricks certified Spark engineers

  • Data Brickes
  • Hadoop
  • Mongo DB
  • Cassandra
  • Amazon Web Service
  • Apache Spark
  • Elastic
  • Cloudera
  • Kafka

Our Expertise at Your Service

We train our engineers to the highest level so that they are equipped to tackle any AI challenge your business may encounter. Each of our engineers is a certified expert in AI, holds a MicroMasters in AI from Columbia University and an MITx Certificate in Data Science.

We are committed to provide services tailored to your current structure and geared to boost your company’s potential.

Our engineers are ready to apply their technical knowledge in data architecture, machine learning, and AI as a service.

Successful partnerships are the result of seamless integration. With a strong emphasis on effective communication and problem-solving, our engineers will integrate flexibly and efficiently into your teams.

  • Columbia University
  • MITX
  • EDX

Meet the Engineers

We value every one of our engineers. We admire the intellectual curiosity and creativity with which they do their work. They strive to analyze the problem from all angles and go beyond the surface layer to discover the most lasting solutions.

We ensure that they are able to communicate effectively to allow for the smoothest exchange with your company.

  • Spark Engineer of Fusemachines
    Ujjwal Subedi Data Engineer

    Ujjwal is a Spark certified engineer who has worked on a number of Big Data related tasks from filtering and processing to encryption.

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  • Software Engineer of Fusemachines
    Neha Shakya Software Engineer

    Neha is a Software Engineer, trained in Java, Spring, MySQL, Cassandra and Git and is skilled in building and improving Web Based Software applications.

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  • Software Engineer of Fusemachines
    Digya Acharya Data Engineer

    Digya is a Software Engineer, trained in Java, C, C++, and Matlab. She invests time in learning and implementing new algorithms.

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