We Build Artificial Intelligence System

We use a unique blend of Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence to generate highly targeted leads. We simplify the inside sales development workflow through automating prospecting, lead qualification, response generation and appointment booking.

Intelligent Sales Assistant

Inside sales automation platform - expert system

We are a technology company using a unique blend of AI & Human Intelligence to generate highly qualified and targeted leads. Our AI system, helps B2B Inside Sales Development Reps (SDRs) perform many of their mundane and repetitive tasks such as finding leads, following up on leads, cleaning data, setting reminders, creating proposals and contracts, scheduling meetings and drafting emails. We conduct complete outreach along with analyzing results to help your SDRs connect with ideal prospects to close more deals.

Meet the Team

We are a team of 130+ eclectic people who are trained as Data Scientists, Machine Learning PhDs, Account Managers, Content Writers, Marketing and Sales Gurus.

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