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Automated Customer Service Rep Chatbot

NYC’s government operates and provides services and important information for NYC resident benefits, courts and laws, education, employment services, waste management and many other areas. They receive many requests on a daily basis for more information pertaining to these areas and therefore wanted a scalable solution to improve the efficiency and success of their customer service.


Improve the efficiency and customer experience of’s website support bot.
Solution Solution


The Customer Service Reps (CSRs) used the system internally as well to help build a knowledge base for customer service requests and queries.

1Customer Service Rep (CSR) Tool

Customer Service Rep (CSR) Tool allows agents to find information efficiently to answer calls/emails reducing call handle times

2Knowledge Representation

Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence system learning from different types of data
Self Service Widget
End-Users asking Questions on your website or mobile
Customer Service RepTool
CSR Agents searching for documents, asking questions

3Analytics & Admin Panel

Analytics provides metrics on efficiency, deflection rate, product feedback trends, etc Admin Panel provides control flow on data ingestion, curation, moderation

Unified Platform with Artificial Intelligence based Automation

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