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(Sameer Maskey, Founder & CEO)

AI is here.
and you?

The largest tech companies are liberating their uses and applications, making them more present in our daily lives.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning systems are on the verge of going mainstream. Yet the promises of AI depend largely upon those who will contribute to its evolution.

As companies in every vertical are starting to leverage the transformative potential of AI, the costs of hiring engineers trained in machine learning and deep learning has continued to increase. According to the New York Times, typical AI specialists can demand a salary of up to $500,000 a year that only the largest actors can provide. The growing scarcity of specialized AI talent has made it extremely difficult for organizations to hire people with the requisite knowledge and abilities.

Bring Diversity to AI

For us, democratizing AI means making AI available to people and companies that would not have access otherwise, and giving them an opportunity to drive innovation in AI.

Considering the impact of AI, those who develop and apply systems that use machine learning and deep learning have never been more important.

  • How we do it?

    We provide education in AI to students from underserved communities and provide our AI solutions to companies of all sizes and budgets. Our end goal is to create a pool of AI specialists who represent the diversity of the population whom they serve.

  • We Teach AI to the 99%

    Through the AI Fellowship program, Fusemachines provides students from underserved communities with training in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Our goal is to close the existing opportunity gap by spreading access to high-level training in AI. We are confident that the students we train today will lead social innovation in AI.

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AI as a Service

The transformative potential of AI requires every business to have specialized AI talent with the requisite knowledge and abilities. We offer AI-as-a-Service to organizations that recognize the importance and potential of AI but struggle to find skilled AI engineers. Our teams will help you identify the right problems, create AI solutions, and make your company AI-enabled.