Speech Recognition

Enable recognition and translation of spoken or recorded sounds.

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Speech Recognition

The most frequent applications of speech recognition within the enterprise include call routing, speech-to-text processing, voice dialing, and voice search.

What is Speech Recognition?

Speech Recognition is the technology that develops methodologies to enable computers to recognize and translate spoken language into text. It incorporates knowledge and research fromvarious fields like linguistics, computer science, and electrical engineering. Speech Recognition algorithms use acoustic and language modeling to enable a computer to help process human speech.

Speaker Dependent

It works by learning the unique characteristics of a single person's voice, in a way similar to voice recognition. New users must first "train" the software by speaking to it, so the computer can analyze how the person talks.

Speaker Independent

It is designed to recognize anyone's voice, so no training is involved. This means it is the only real option for applications such as interactive voice response systems.

Why Speech Recognition?

Speech recognition software improves efficiency as the need to type is removed from the equation. This can lead to documents being generated up to three times faster than when typed. The ability to go hands-free is also very useful where note-taking is required in the field or for people with certain disabilities.

Implementation of Speech Recognition

By the end of the twentieth century, there was a broad range of uses for speech recognition systems, such as in computerized games and toys, control of different instruments, data collection, and dictation. The feature also proved to be of much help among those who could not obtain keypads and among those with certain disabilities.

Document Process
Document Creation

Speech-to-text software can make document creation more efficient as the need to type is removed.

Self Service
Encourages self-service

Delivers quick and efficient customer service for frequently asked questions.

Enables customer service agents to focus on more important tasks.

Automated identification

Speech Recognition softwares can be used for automated identification using voice biometrics.