How Fusemachines Helped Robin Find New Qualified Leads

About Robin

Robin is a room booking tool for offices that makes workplace coordination easy by connecting free space and the people who need it the most. Designed for use in the workplace, Robin uses iBeacon and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) devices to detect nearby people and things. It can automate conference room bookings for users just by them walking into a room.


  • The sales team lacked a cohesive pipeline generation strategy. They were purchasing static lists. This gave little to no context to which leads were most likely to become opportunities.
  • They were spending too much time qualifying leads and not enough time conducting discovery calls.
  • They were also unable to produce the quantity of leads that was needed and in-house prospecting was too time-consuming, which means Robin was unable to source qualified leads that fit their market.
  • Robin knew they had to find a better way to scale their outbound sales, find more qualified prospects and build pipelines.

Why us/how we helped:

Robin chose Fusemachines for our ability to deliver targeted accounts and contacts at a large scale while eliminating the sales research process. Once Robin started using Fusemachines, their list of qualified prospects exploded in size. This gave them opportunity to spend more time talking to prospects and closing deals.

24 Deals Closed

100+ Meetings

30 Prospects Already Demoed and Interested