Inside Sales Automation Platform

From lead generation to drafting personalized emails to response generation, our Artificial Intelligence platform increases sales team productivity while exponentially increasing the number of quality leads.

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Inside sales automation - clean module


All the selected emails list are shown in this tab. Valid and deliverable emails can be extracted in this stage for outreach.

Once the leads discovered from the "Search" tab are moved to clean mode, this tab allows you to validate emails through functions like performing data checks, checking duplicate leads or companies, checking company/ email formats,  checking DNCs, checking lead profiles in terms of industry, position, company website, location etc.

This tab also separates those validated emails as Very Strong email (valid), Strong email (Accept_all), Unknown and Invalid emails. The email checker regularly keeps checking the emails for the accept alls and unknown emails.  After the leads are fully validated, you can send them to “Ready to Connect” subcategory for outreach.

Inside sales automation platform - connect module


Our AI system is able to help you reach out to potential customers by understanding the customer's problem, timing, budget and plans. Then the system optimizes the messaging and sequence of outreach based on patterns from historical data.

Connect tab is the final stage of Outreach (Mail merge). In this tab, you can create an outreach campaign with the valid leads from ready to connect and send the emails directly and analyze the progress of the emails outreached.