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What will your SDR expert do for you?

  • Source leads

    Our platform uses AI to accurately source leads to connect you with your most qualified leads

    Source Leads
  • Clean data

    All the sourced leads are verified and validated in this stage.

    Clean Data
  • Write customized email copies

    Our team designs and crafts customized email copy with five touchpoint

    Customized Email Copies
  • Set-up Campaigns

    Email campaigns are optimized based on the prospect's appropriate timing, problem, budget and plans.

    Set-Up Campaigns
  • A/B Testing

    Campaigns are A/B tested and the system intelligently reports the winning variable

    A/B Testing
  • Optimize message and profile

    Messaging and touchpoint sequences are updated based on A/B testing patterns.

    Optimize Message and Profile
  • Inbox Monitoring

    Incoming and outgoing messages are automatically managed with a tagging system allowing you to focus on interested prospects.

    Inbox Monitoring
  • Make Reports and recommendations

    Reports on open rates, reply rates, and meeting rates are combined with statistical analysis from A/B testing to make custom recommendations

    Reports and Recommendations

Case Studies

We take pride in our customers' success. Get insights on how Fusemachines helped its clients grow.

  • CSTMR is a growth marketing firm that helps Fintech and financial services companies attract new customers and grow. With proven acquisition programs and rock-solid design UX, they move customers from the first touch to conversion...

  • Tax N Book specializes in working with small to medium sized businesses and providing them with reliable bookkeeping, payroll, and tax preparation services. Tax N Book is known for offering the best value for the money in...

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