The goal of the Fellowship is to build AI talent as well as create a community of like-minded people. We hope that the program will provide an environment that will encourage more people to take up AI.
The certification will be provided by a third party industry recognized certification through a well-known online training program called edx.
This is a one year program made of 4 courses. Each course takes 3 months to complete.
The program’s start date changes according to the location, please check fusemachines.com for more info.
Candidates should be seniors or college grads from Computer Science or Applied Mathematics streams with some programming experience. They should be able to commit 20 hours per week and have access to a laptop.
The candidates will be selected based on their resume, past projects, reference check and interview with our team.
Candidates will be developing skills in various domains including: Building intelligent agents (search, games, logic, constraint satisfaction problems), Machine Learning algorithms, Applications of AI (Natural Language Processing, Robotics/Computer Vision).
The schedule will be provided to the accepted applicants.
There will be courses that we will suggest as the prerequisites to understand the materials we will be covering in the program.
Yes, you will be signing a formal contract and a standard Non Disclosure and Intellectual Property Agreement. Over the course of the program we will be sharing proprietary code for fellows to work on real-life problems. You will also be given the opportunity to work on interesting products alongside Fusemachines engineers.
Our goal is to get you certified in Artificial Intelligence courses taught by the best professors of United States such that when you are certified you are taken as a definite expert.
Yes, the program will be conducted annually. We hope to build a community of AI engineers that provide the knowledge base as well as support for future candidates.
The tests will be part of the course as well as third party certifications.
Yes, the candidates are expected to complete/pass the course.
The program is self paced and will be a balance between group sessions and self learning. The subject matter is intensive so all candidates are expected to allocate significant time if they wish to get the full benefits of the program. The average time spent is between 10-20 hours per week on each course.
If a candidate needs to leave the program, they have to provide a valid reason with relevant supporting documents.