Fusemachines Helps TaxNBook Increase Its Revenue by 88%

Tax N Book specializes in working with small to medium sized businesses and providing them with reliable bookkeeping, payroll, and tax preparation services.

Tax N Book is known for offering the best value for money in accounting services and offers its clients a wide range of personalized services to ensure complete satisfaction and peace of mind.




Prior to using Fusemachines’ platform, Tax N Book had a static sales pipeline, with no consistent way to grow their business.

Tax N Book had a strong customer base and generated business through referrals and word of mouth, but did not have the correct data nor an outbound strategy in place to expand their business. They knew that they worked well with small businesses, but faced difficulties obtaining the correct contact information of their target clients. They wanted to implement a solution to scale their business and ramp up their sales efforts.

  • Increased number of clients by 16X
  • Increased revenue by 88%
  • Increased number of cases by 2.5X


Tax N Book consulted Fusemachines' expertise to find their ideal clientele and help them develop a structured and scalable outbound sales process.

Tax N Book utilized Fusemachines' guidance to define their ideal market and create a focused outreach strategy. Using its AI-driven platform, Fusemachines was able to find ideal sales prospects with accurate contact information. Fusemachines also helped Tax N Book craft specific and relevant email campaigns to each prospective client. Creating a carefully structured and repeatable outbound sales strategy enabled Tax N Book to grow their closed deals by 2.5X.

Fusemachines has allowed us to target higher quality prospects with greater accuracy. With a mix of lead generation, outreach, and account managers to guide us, Fusemachines has saved me time and allowed me to focus on closing deals.

Neil Basta, Owner of Tax N Book


Tax N Book leveraged Fusemachines' AI-driven outbound sales strategy to increase their revenue by 88%.

Tax N Book has acquired 16X more clients this year as Fusemachines opened and expanded their outbound sales channel. Overall, Tax N Book experienced an 88% increase in revenue within just a quarter of working with Fusemachines. This added revenue has enabled Tax N Book to grow their business and expand their team.

  • Increased number of clients by 16X
  • Increased revenue by 88%
  • Increased number of cases by 2.5X