Fusemachines Helps CSTMR Increase Its Pipeline by 825%

CSTMR is a growth marketing firm that helps Fintech and financial services companies attract new customers and grow. With proven acquisition programs and rock-solid design UX, they move customers from the first touch to conversion with marketing that promotes action, drives revenues and builds lifetime value.


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Digital Marketing


CSTMR wanted to create a scalable customer acquisitions strategy to diversify its revenue streams.

Prior to partnering with Fusemachines, the CSTMR team acquired clients by attending conferences, responding to client referrals, and conducting a minimal amount of sales outreach. Although their strategies were producing results, CSTMR was struggling to create a repeatable sales process that ensured predictable revenue.

  • Increased Sales pipeline by 825%
  • Produced an ROI of 11.5X
  • Added a scalable revenue stream


By working with Fusemachines, CSTMR added a new revenue stream by maximizing outbound sales.

CSTMR was able to leverage highly targeted leads produced by the Fusemachines AI-driven platform and reach out to them with effective and relevant messaging crafted by Fusemachines team. The combined power of Fusemachines' platform and its team's expertise allowed CSTMR to create an automated and optimized outbound sales process. CSTMR was able to close additional deals by engaging with 8X more prospective clients.

We were looking for new ways to expand our reach and pipeline and had not yet tried an outbound strategy. The Fusemachines team made it easy - they walked us through every step of the process and demonstrated a vested interest in CSTMR's success. After working with Fusemachines, we saw a dramatic improvement in our sales pipeline and increased revenue. We highly recommend their services.

Rory Holland, Founder & CEO of CSTMR


By utilizing Fusemachines, CSTMR was able to consistently expand their sales pipeline by 200% on a monthly basis.

Fusemachines helped CSTMR set more meetings with interested sales prospects and increase overall opportunities by 825%, using highly qualified leads and the automating their outbound sales. Working with Fusemachines, CSTMR quickly generated a high revenue and has already experienced an ROI of 11.5X.

  • Increased Sales pipeline by 825%
  • Produced an ROI of 11.5X
  • Added a scalable revenue stream