Endless opportunities to make it in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Current Openings
Fusemachines combines the power of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing to build unique software robots that can automate customer interactions and provide deep real time insights into customer behaviour. Our Fuse Platform allows companies to add intelligence layers on all of their communication channels. Our clients include government, financial institution and e-commerce companies.
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Students and Graduates

Fusemachines offers a wide range of work opportunities for fresh graduates where you start with real and meaningful projects from day one. We are an innovative company where we value raw ideas and thinking. You will get to work with experienced colleagues who will help you learn and enhance your skills.

We are looking for individuals who are motivated to learn and develop. This is the right place to start if you are looking for interesting and challenging assignments, and if you want to bring new ideas to our business. Some examples of entry-level roles include: Engineer, Designer, Marketing Assistant, HR, Sales Development Associates and Customer Success Associates.


Internships provide a real-world view of your chosen career interests. At Fusemachines, interns have the opportunity of working together with teams that are building the latest AI and machine learning solutions. If you’re passionate about bringing your unique talents and fresh ideas to Fusemachines, we’ll provide the opportunity to work on meaningful projects that have an impact at present and business value as you prepare to set yourself apart in a competitive job market. Follow your passion, make a real difference, reach your potential – and get paid while doing it.

AI Scholarship

The AI Scholarship program is powered by Fusemachines to provide a MicrodegreeTM of Artificial Intelligence. This program will help individuals learn essential Artificial Intelligence concepts, including Regression, Classification, Clustering, and Deep Learning using the latest tools and libraries such as Pandas, Keras, Scikit-learn, and Tensorflow, that will give them the basics to help them better learn AI.

Anyone willing to learn AI can apply to this program by simply signing up for a account and filling out the application form.

AI Fellowship

The AI Fellowship is a one-year fellowship program that turns mathematics or programming students into Machine Learning engineers. Fellows get hands-on experience in a wide range of AI techniques from machine translation to robotics. They are encouraged to develop projects of their own, leveraging the high potential of Artificial Intelligence to address real-life situations and social issues.

After a highly-selective vetting process, successful applicants are paired with in-house mentors. One of the fellowship’s goals is to close the opportunity gap by giving access to AI education to students in developing countries or from low-income communities. With a combination of online courses and some on-site training, students who complete the program are equipped to lead innovation in AI.