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We scale high-performing AI & Data Science teams with talented distributed engineers who turn ideas solutions
Our Clients
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AI Talent Amidst Shortage
Accelerated access to AI talent
Amidst the AI talent shortage, we make it possible to integrate new AI resources in 2 short weeks.
Flexible Model
Flexible model
Tap into the global AI talent pool we cultivate to scale up/down resources when you need them most.
Cost Effective
Cost effective
We take of recruiting, training, and nurturing AI Talent so you don’t have to. Build a distributed team at a fraction of the cost of an average Silicon Valley AI engineer.
Dedicated Offices and Security
Dedicated offices and security
We provide the space, equipment and security your distributed team needs. Get direct access to Ph.D.’s, Team leads, and enjoy a guarenteed overlap with your team.
*Fusemachines is ISO 9001:2015: Certified
Our Tiered AI Talent
Our Tiered AI Talent
AI Engineers & Ph.D’s
AI Scientists/Ph.D’s
15+ years of experience
Our Ph.D’s leverage their extensive academic and pratical experience building various AI systems to deliver your more strategic needs.
Tech Leads
8+ years of experience
Our Tech leads provide leadership for both internal and our Clients' Fusemachines Engineer teams. Tech Leads work in heavy coordination with various internal stakeholders to ensure success at all levels.
Distributed Engineers
Top 1% Graduates with 1 to 3 years of work experience further trained with 1 year of AI training
Our remote resources are fully dedicated and work out of Fusemachines office spaces which are 9001:2015 compliant. All engineers go through a fulltime 1-year training program. Our engineer’s expertise: Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing. We also support DevOps, and Data Engineering.
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