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Transportation & Logistics

AI is a step forward in the automation that is changing the Transportation & Logistics Industry. AI enables solutions for efficiency in routes, warehousing, and on-time delivery. Today’s AI-enabled platforms offer cutting edge insights and real time data that help companies improve productivity, optimize utilization, and target maintenance objectives.

In order to get there, Fusemachines provides you with a set of data scientists, AI engineers, and dedicated consultants.

Make AI Work For Your Transportation & Logistics Institution


AI enhanced Telematics can increase driver and fuel-cost efficiencies based on historical performance and predictive calculations. Today’s AI Telematics platforms provide valuable insights that support proactive, rather than reactive decision making due to access to real time data.

Intelligent Warehouses

Through increased tracking of operator patterns and inventory monitoring, our expertise in logistics management helps our clients maintain just-in-time deliveries and lean inventory. We can also link context-aware systems for better locationing of inventory.

Augmented Reality in Logistics

Computer vision and machine learning solutions can be used to identify a product’s location and whether it is the correct product. Augmented Reality can also be used to streamline onsite training and provide real time guidance. If used correctly, such technology has the potential to significantly reduce the cost of warehousing operations.

AI for Transportation and Logistics at Fusemachines
Elasticsearch Based Search System

Elasticsearch is a search engine, developed in Java that provides a distributed, multitenant-capable full-text search capability with an HTTP web interface and schema-free JSON documents.

Based on the use case scenarios, we can build customized search and analytics engines that can quickly search through large amounts of data.

Information Retrieval

Information Retrieval is the technique of obtaining structured or unstructured data from within a large pool of data stored in computers to satisfy information need.

We can perform full-text information retrieval or build specific content-based indexing. Depending on the requirements, we can build models for text documents, images, audio, mind maps, or videos.