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HR & Talent Management

AI is dramatically changing the way those in HR and talent management do their work. Advanced algorithms allow AI technologies to search for only the most relevant skills, experience, and education while providing HR professionals with only the best candidates – reducing hours of manual labor and administrative work for recruiters.

In order to get there, Fusemachines provides you with a set of data scientists, AI engineers, and dedicated consultants.

Make AI Work For Your HR & Talent Management Institution


We will not only optimize the screening process but also help reduce biases based on gender, race, ethnicity, etc. Our team of engineers can help you determine what makes a high performer successful in a role, and replicate the same qualities in the screening process.


AI-powered chatbots have a lot of potential to improve the experience of candidates. Our AI engineers can build real-time interactions with candidates by asking questions based on the job requirements and providing feedback, updates, and next-step suggestions.

Performance Analysis
Performance Analysis

Performance analysis identifies employees whose performance is below average and who show a lack of engagements at all levels. Our experienced engineers can also help in analysing the performance of the employees,mpowering management with accurate and real-time data in order to make correct decisions.

AI for HR and Talent Management at Fusemachines
Document Classification and Clustering

Document classification or document categorization is a problem in library science, information science, and computer science. The task of document classification is to assign a document to one or more classes or categories. This can be done "manually" (or, say, "intellectually") or algorithmically.

Our engineers can help you figure out the ontology of the document classes and work with your team to clean the data and build scalable classification solutions that can be used for a variety of documents such as emails, user manuals, news, and chats.

Information Retrieval

Information Retrieval is the technique of obtaining structured or unstructured data from within a large pool of data stored in computers to satisfy information need.

We can perform full-text information retrieval or build specific content-based indexing. Depending on the requirements, we can build models for text documents, images, audio, mind maps, or videos.