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Food & Beverage

With the AI market expected to grow to $5.05 billion by 2020, there is a massive opportunity for the food and beverage industry to harness its capabilities, improve offerings, optimize operations, and deliver an even better customer experience.

In order to get there, Fusemachines provides you with a set of data scientists, AI engineers, and dedicated consultants.

Make AI Work For Your Food & Beverage Institution

Optimize Inventory

Increase efficiency in inventory management by automating the management system. Our AI specialists can initiate a machine learning process that detects missing or misplaced items and notifies stakeholders to restock or make necessary corrections.

Food Safety

AI solutions can help food producers and manufacturers detect whether food should be pulled out of the supply chain due to contamination. This is particularly important given that there are about 70 million cases of foodborne illness each year in the United States.

Personalize Customer Interactions

Improve your company’s self-service capabilities with automatic speech detection and advanced question answering engines. Our experienced engineers can build engaging, personalized support agents (chatbots) and virtual help desk to improve your customers’ experience.

Operational Efficiency and Demand Forecasting

AI can be used to reduce food waste, improve supply chain functionality, and hone logistics. Food waste is estimated at between 30-40 percent of the food supply according to the USDA. This food waste can be curtailed significantly with the help of AI teams who understand the problem and can build solutions for it. Our engineers can also enable food manufacturers to track products and consumer demand—then match production to this demand, based on data analysis.

Make Dialog Modeling and Chatbot

Dialog modeling is used for building dialog systems and finding their applications in various business enterprises like healthcare, education, and entertainment.

Cases where it is used include:

Answering customer questions about products and services.


Facilitating transactions through guidance in the sales process.


Responding to customer questions.


Website navigation: Guiding customers to relevant portions of complex websites.


Personalized services such as answering questions related to orders and bookings.

We help build dialog systems and incorporate them into applications that can benefit your business from a dialog-based approach.

AI for Food and Beverage at Fusemachines
Document Classification and Clustering

Document classification or document categorization is a problem in library science, information science, and computer science. The task of document classification is to assign a document to one or more classes or categories. This can be done "manually" (or, say, "intellectually") or algorithmically.

Our engineers can help you figure out the ontology of the document classes and work with your team to clean the data and build scalable classification solutions that can be used for a variety of documents such as emails, user manuals, news, and chats.

Information Retrieval

Information Retrieval is the technique of obtaining structured or unstructured data from within a large pool of data stored in computers to satisfy information need.

We can perform full-text information retrieval or build specific content based indexing. Depending on the requirements, we can build models for text documents, images, audio, mind maps or videos.