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Optimize your customers’ experience with precise choices to browse from and an overall personalized experience.

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Online shopping is the AI-affiliated field that is most involved with the public. Machine learning plays a vital role in making a customer’s experience more personalised in any sort of online exchange or transaction. The purpose of ecommerce is to make people’s online business experience smoother and more convenient.

The infusion of AI technology into ecommerce makes the whole experience centered on the customer. Fusemachines associates are the kind of talent that can help you improve the experience for your customers.

Make AI Work For Your eCommerce

Priority to Customers
Enhance the Customer Experience

Machine Learning lets you enhance your customers’ experience by learning from their choices. We can personalise a customer’s experience by showing them relevant products, deals, and services based on their previous history. This helps to enhance customer loyalty as they are only shown relevant products and solutions.

Manage Logistics
Manage Logistics

By sorting through customer purchase patterns and sales history, AI can be used to predict future sales patterns. Forecasting serves to predict and meet the demands of consumers while controlling pricing and inventory. Holding excess inventory adds to overhead costs for a business. With AI, you will be able to sell more by holding the right quantity of inventory.

Targeting Customers
Targeting Customers

Buyers interested in your product or service inevitably fall through the cracks. Many businesses are overloaded with customer data that they do not have time or resources to sift through. AI solutions can clear the clutter and give you the ability to close sales faster by giving you insights on potential buyers and the ability to target them with customized responses based on their interactions.

Dialog Modeling and Chatbot

Dialog modeling is used for building dialog systems and finding their applications in various business enterprises like healthcare, education, and entertainment.

Cases in which it is used include:

Answering customer questions about products and services.


Facilitating transactions through guidance in the sales process.


Responding to customer questions.


Website navigation: Guiding customers to relevant portions of complex websites.


Personalized services such as answering questions related to orders and bookings.

We help build dialog systems and incorporate them into applications that can benefit your business from a dialog-based approach.

AI for eCommerce at Fusemachines
Document Classification and Clustering

Document classification or document categorization is a problem in library science, information science, and computer science. The task of document classification is to assign a document to one or more classes or categories. This can be done "manually" (or, say, "intellectually") or algorithmically.

Our engineers can help you figure out the ontology of the document classes and work with your team to clean the data and build scalable classification solutions that can be used for a variety of documents such as emails, user manuals, news, and chats.

Information Retrieval

Information Retrieval is the technique of obtaining structured or unstructured data from within a large pool of data stored in computers to satisfy information need.

We can perform full-text information retrieval or build specific content-based indexing. Depending on the requirements, we can build models for text documents, images, audio, mind maps, or videos.