Fusemachines AI Fellowship

A Year-Long Program to Train, Educate, and Create a Pool of AI Specialists.

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Program Highlights

The AI Fellowship is a one-year long fellowship program that turns mathematics and programming students into Machine Learning engineers. Fellows get hands-on experience in a wide range of AI techniques from machine translation to robotics. They are encouraged to develop projects of their own, leveraging the high potential of Artificial Intelligence to address real-life situations and social issues.

After a highly-selective vetting process, successful applicants are paired with in-house mentors. One of the fellowship’s goals is to close the opportunity gap by giving access to AI education to students in developing countries or from low-income communities. With a combination of online courses and some on-site training, students who complete the program are equipped to lead innovations in AI.

  • In-depth training in Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Neural Networks Technology
  • Mentorship and guidance from top AI experts with industry knowledge
  • Develop applications of AI that address real-world problems in healthcare, mobility, and communications
  • Access to academic and professional opportunities in the field
  • Join a global network of fellows and AI practitioners
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Watch the AI Fellowship in Nepal

  • Nissan Karki
    Nissan Karki
    AI fellow '17

    "The AI fellowship has definitely been a step up to what I learned in college. I have taken many steps forward in this field with the help of this fellowship. I look forward to work on projects such as self-driving cars after gaining significant knowledge from the program."

  • Lakshyana KC
    AI fellow '17

    “Besides great deal of knowledge and experience, the course has helped me expand my network in the field. There’s a healthy competition amongst the fellows, encouraging many opportunities of learning from people who have explored the depths of AI.”

  • Miran Ghimire
    AI fellow '17

    "Fusemachines AI Fellowship granted me the chance to learn the topics that I always wanted to. There are a lot of research opportunities in AI that impacts humans directly. I have had the opportunity to witness the practical application of AI and ML as well."